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Traverse City Wedding Photography | Barbara + Josh

One of my favorite things about photographing a wedding is not only the memories I’m capturing for my clients, but my own memories that I create with each new experience. Photography brings me into relationships with new people and new places. There is a thrill each time I go on a job that something new is about to happen. Even shooting at a well-known location where I’ve been before is different because of the clients, the weather, any number of variables. Its part of what keeps me excited about photography. There are often times that I’m meeting my clients for the first time on the wedding day! I don’t always know what to expect. Enter Barbara and Josh. They contacted me about photographing their wedding just weeks before it was going to happen. I was available and I began as I normally do, by asking questions about the day, information that helps me plan properly. Josh explained that they were going to wait a year before having a wedding, but decided that instead they would plan it all over the course of a couple of weeks. There were a lot of challenges for them, including travel for themselves and guests, and the wedding didn’t follow a traditional pattern. He told me that they wanted a point-of-view, documentary record of the vintage-styled wedding day. The ceremony would take place in the woods, and the reception would be at a family home in Glen Arbor. With a very loose schedule, no limitations and a bride and groom open for anything, I knew that this wedding would present me with new challenges and make for an exciting day.

Barb and Josh were getting ready at separate locations. I went to start photographing the girls while my assistant, Ransom, went to meet up with the guys. The girls relaxed, enjoyed some champagne, did their makeup. The guys chopped wood, washed dishes, and cleaned up from the night before. We later met in the woods for the Princess Bride-inspired wedding. After the ceremony, we shot some portraits in the beautifully colorful hardwoods before getting on our way for the rest of the planned events. Barb and Josh love coffee, so we took a quick detour for a coffee at Higher Grounds (which was an amazing location for photos!). With our caffeine fix, the next stop was for a toast at Bubba’s in downtown TC, where we reconnected with the guests and celebrated with drinks, food, and a little arm wrestling.

After that we headed out of town and visited a few places special to Barb and Josh before driving to Glen Arbor for the dinner and, for lack of a better word, reception. It was a small and laid back party with friends and family, and the food was amazing. Homemade soups, spiced meats, beers, Swedish Glogg, personal pies, and dried fruits. Ransom and I were welcomed just like old friends, and we stayed well after we were done shooting to chat with guests and enjoy the food and fire. We were even sent home with to-go bags courtesy of the bride. It was truly a pleasure being a part of this unique wedding day, and Barbara and Josh were awesome. Best wishes to you both in your life together!

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